Thursday, July 1, 2010

Episode 44 - I Didn't Do Anything Fancy...

The Meepcast Episode 44


Alberta is rat free?/A smithereen? What is up with that?/Tips with how to sleep with Megan Fox/Would a chick last in the wild west?/Do male hookers pay by the hour?/How long would it take to fill an ice cube tray with sperm?/Parker and Hounddog talk about their first rounds of golf... A little different from one and other/Is Jamie making fun of Stephen Hawking?/We talk about the human caterpillar/Finally we get to the origin story of the saying "I didn't do anything fancy"/Hollywood news with the Hounddog/We talk about PAT, 24 hour automated banking through the ATM machine/Orange juice annoys Jamie, along with the Jeep people/Hounddog rants about dumb journalist getting kidnapped in foreign countries/Parker gets angry at folks who dont know how to take a joke

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