Saturday, May 15, 2010

Episode 41 - My One Regret Is That I Never Tasted Your Ass

The Meepcast Episode 41


We give some more sex definitions/Jamie breaks out the research with a top 9 military experiments and how they went wrong.../9. The Bat Bomb/8. A giant ball to roll at a wall to break through... Just a bad idea/7. The sun gun, wow the nazi's are nuts/6. The ice cube boat/5. Project Stargate crazy shit/4. The gay bomb? Huh, what bar is that at?/3. The pain ray... Microwave people from a distance, or a new BBQ for your house/We talk about a 2 headed dick/2. Melodorance, WTF? This shit stinks/1. Project acustic kitty, who puts 6 million dollars of equipment in a cat?/We talk about some of the april fools jokes we have heard/seen in the past

Song List:

Crazy Train - Ozzy
Bowling for soup - I'm gay
radiohead - fake plastic trees
Mariana's Trench - Shake Tramp
Dave Matthews Band - Shake me a like a monkey
Bon Jovi - Shot through the heart
Adam Lombert - What do you want from me
Areosmith - Dude looks like a lady
Marianna's Trench - Master piece theatre part 3
Iron Butterfly - in a gadda da vida