Sunday, November 22, 2009

Episode 30 - The Dirty Thirty... It's Bibical

The Meepcast Episode 30


We sing the episode in... Ouch/We talk about Canadian stereotypes/Jamie talks about getting the H1N1 shot, the incompetence of the staff and the folks in the line/Also he talks about seeing The Stepfather, ohh how bad it was/We talk about Halloween, and things we used to do/We then talk about if its okay if your head was on upside down or backwards?/Jamie talks about the daycare that he visited/Parker talks about us going to see Law Abiding Citizen.... Bibical... Just bibical/Parker went to see Cirque de Freak/Parker talks about eating some interesting food at the city market/Jamie talks about starting a crazy workout, he and his wife might have simultaneous heart attacks/Parker talks about his parents going to Scotland, his mother knows the words to Danny Boy?!?/We go through an extended listener communications with up parascope down parascope/Would you kill someone for some pizza coupons?/We talk about what pissed us off, Jamie hates Halloween/Parker talks about some of the strange folks that play ball hockey with him.

Song List:

Trust Company - Rock the Casbah
Marc Cohn – Walking in Memphis
Soil – Pride
Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
Hootie & The Blow Fish – Running from an Angel
Jet Set Satellites – Best Way to Die
Joe Walsh – Funk 49
Eric Clapton – Layla
Forty Foot Echo – Brand New Day
Foreigner – Juke Box Hero
The Greatfull Dead – Touch of Gray
Hall & Oats – Rich Girl
Dean Hall – If You Play Another Country Song
Heart – Barracuda
Jennifer Paige – Crush
Ice-T – Girl Tried to Kill Me
Jackyl - Lumberjack
Huey Lewis & The News – Hip To Be Square
Jay-Z – 99 Problems
Johnny Lang – Wander This World
Our Lady Peace – Naveed

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Episode 29 - Welcome To The Randycast!

The Meepcast Episode 29


Welcome to the randycast!/We share our stories from our good friends Randy's past.../Randy goes crazy on a bike in the country/Randy kung fu's a group of 5 guys while running 10 km's/More biking fun down a dirt hill... His uncle must hate him/Randy is a monster in the sack/Umm... How did you get that rash on your wives forehead Randy?/Jamie talks about how he blockbuster just doesn't care/Parker went golfing in the frost, is he nuts for balls?/Parker talks about his death grudge on a guy he met once/Parker talks about physically excerpting himself for the first time in 7 years/We talk about church hockey rules/We read listener communications/We have a call with Hounddog about the previous episode/

Song List:

Trust Company - Rock the Casbah
Starship - Built this city
Joan Jett - Bad Reputation
Killer Dwarfs - We Stand Alone
Puddle of Mudd - Control
Bif Naked - Love Myself Today
The Who - You Better, You Bet
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Tragically Hip - Trickle Down
Avril Lavigne - Losing Grip
Sister hazel - All For You
Fiona Apple - Criminal
Papa Roach - Last Resort
Dave Matthews Band - Warehouse
Dishwala - Counting Blue Cars