Monday, March 30, 2009

Episode 4 - Three Finger Henderson

The Meepcast Episode 4

What TV shows we like or don’t/Eliza Dushku is hot./To Catch a Thief is cool./We Spoil an episode of Heroes for Anonymous./Everyone involved with reality TV should be killed./Motor Storm is bust of the week/Jamie insults female gamers/Blood in the Sand… Yo Fiddy!/NHL09 should have been Game of the year?/Captivity… A low budget version of Saw 60/156 is 38%/Wanted… It gets better? OMG Spoilers!!/Parker tries more crazy food that we don’t know how to spell./Top 4 Weird Insurance Claims/Emails from an “Anonymous” listener, paraphrased by Parker./Jamie calls out the listener… about LOTR of all things./We discuss an Employee denied workman’s compensation when shot at work and the 50 Cent and Rick Ross (Does he go by Double R?) Feud./Jamie doesn’t listen to people; Kids… put shit back where it belongs at the video store/Parker – Another dead wrestler; Eye Crud!!!!/You are granted one time access to the US Government library, what documents do you access?

Song List:
TRUST Company - Rock the Casbah
Weezer – Beverly Hills
Theory Of a Deadman – Invisible Man
The Hives – Get Free
The Donnas – Take It Off
The Distillers – City Of Angels
Stroke 9 – Kick Some A$$
Steve Earle – Copper Head Rd.
Stabilio – Everybody
Slipknot – Duality
Satyricon – Repined Bastard Nation
Marilyn Manson – Personal Jesus
Linkin Park – Pushing Me Away
L7 – Pretend That We’re Dead
Jem – 24
Faith No More – Epic
Classified – The Maritimes
Bree Sharp – Show Me

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Episode 3 - Finger Cuffs

The Meepcast Episode 3

Good movies you find bad, bad movies you find good/Parker loves Ice Tea movies, shows his man crush for chris lambert and Mean Guns and the highlander series/Jamie likes Spiderman 2 even though lots of folks don't/Jamie hates LOTR, he wants to know what people are smoking to enjoy that movie/we talk about our grudges from years past/What diid we do this week?/Jamie finally plays cooking mama cook off world tour, big bust/Did Jamie just say all Japanese people are gay? huh/China doesn't have missiles, they just use rocks from the wall of China? huh/Parker shares his love for the new tomb raider game, or not/We played some 3 on 3 hockey for the ps3, good times/Susan the hockey assassin/Finger Cuffs in the magical kingdom with goofy and mickey/Parker watched the wrestler/Shares his dream of being a wrestler meep, and gets a beat down/He also watched get smart/We watched the watchmen/I'm hung like Dr. Manhatan!!!/Good penis control for being around all those women/If your gay and want to play xbox online, think again, is that right?/Woman injured in power sex toy adventure/modifying a saber saw, probably not a good idea/Whats your dream sex toy/X-Rated license plate makes local business man more offers/What vanity license plate would you get?/Parker wants meep1 and meep2, or the LD/Jamie wants cripler/What ticked us off this week, Jamie's neighbor is pushing snow on the road, making the corner all icy, he and parker go on a rant, Parker hates audacity not recognizing m4a's, and at the movies bottle of water costs $3.60!/Spring ticks off Parker, its muddy, rank, nasty, smells, etc.../The authorities show up at your house, you have 30 mins to get out, what do you take?

Song List:
Trust Company - Rock the Casbah
Utah Saints - Mortal Kombat
Mutha's Day Out - What U See/We All Bleed Red
Violent Femmes - Blister In The Sun
Eels - Lucky Day in Hell
Fozzy - Enemy
Holly McNarland - Numb
Chuck Brodsky - Hockey Fight
Jakalope w/ Swollen Members - Feel It
Live on Release - Slow Down
Monster Magnet - For the Moment
Saliva - Click Click Boom
Sev - Same Old Song,
18 Visions - Victim
The Refreshments - Banditos
Ugly Kid Joe - Hate Everything About You
Three Days Grace - Riot
The Watchmen - Absolutely Anytime
Scooter - Fire
The Headstones - It's All Over

Episode 2 - Visible Fecal Matter

The Meepcast Episode 2

talk about remade movies/ never ending story/ total recall, chick with 3 tits/parker struggles with the pre-war laptop/movie sequels/ coming to America 2./what happened to arsenio halll? Or.. umm... I mean tasty freeze?/ tron/ point break/ a slue of marvel junk./Why does everyone like Smauel L Jackson, that dude just can't act./we find out Jamie doesn't pay attention to anything Parker says/Jamie counts the beats of sweat on megan fox's stomach in Transformers./50 in saints row movie, or a documentary of his life? Same thing?/we talk about our love for max headroom./what the hell happened to Alf in the end anyway?/The Wii has a rabbit sex simulator?/Parker shows his love for video game women, and zombies. Is there a diffence?/Weird Physc Experiments:Does seaman have anti depressing properties? Sign me up... In the name of science of course/superstitious Pigeon Guided missiles/Recruiting smart pigeons for our defense.../Piss Pilot... Do you have a shy bladder, whats up with the prosthetic penis?/
One handed piss techniques, and gut dynamics/Is brushing your teeth at the urine while pissing acceptable at work, or anywhere?/work place tips for washing your hands... visible fecal matter?/parker shows his bad taste for tv shows... dollhouse, terminator.../Are professional athletes mostly gay with all the ass slapping and showing together?/Is is ok to break into your neighbors house to stay clean?/Dont bring your frozen monkey head to the airport, amoung other things we discuss that made the news... Is it okay to pull a "weekend at bernies" moment to save a few bucks at the airport./Parker: He ticked himself off./Jamie:
-Doctors offices decor, whats up with the white?/Assholes parking in front of the store doors! And whats up with all the different special parking spaces./reality tv shows, especially survivor!
/patrons at the dollar store just scare me./Do you think digital download replacing physical media? Jamie and Parker weigh in on the digital download both legal and illegal for the games/movies industry.

Song List:
Trust Company - Rock the Casba
Danko Jones - First Date
Hayden - As Bad As They Seem
Jennifer Love Hewitt - Go Bang
Laura Brannigan - Hot Night
Pantera - Respect
Shattersphere - Faithless
Shinedown - Fly From Inside
The Jack Union - I Am
The Tragically Hip - Blow at High Dough
Tomi Swick - Sorry Again
Big Head Todd & The Monsters - Bitter Sweet
Apocolyptica - I'm Not Jesus
Disturbed - Prayer
Dragpipe - Simple Minded
Eric Prydz - Call On Me
H.I.M. - Wicked Game
Lisa Lougheed - Run With Us
Mariana's Trench - Shaketramp
Mudvayne - Happy
Nonpoint - Victim
Powerman 3000 - Worlds Colide
Pride Tiger - Lucky Ones
Headstones - It's All Over

Episode 1 - Mother Nature Needs to Put Out For Father Winter

The Meepcast Episode 1

Jamie and Parker plead with the listeners to write our summaries for us, good luck/We introduce ourselves and show how much we dont know about each other/Jamie demostrates how not to use a humitafier/Why does it smell like burn bacon?/We talk about slumdog millionare/We talk about the Oscars or at least try to, we need to get out more/We also talk about the Razy's/Parker shares too many details about "night in Paris"/Jamie talks about his crush for MGS 4/Watched a lot of Hero's/We talk about little big planet/Parker talks about his love for shoveling snow, or maybe its more of a rant/Parker bought Motorstorm PC/Weird news, is it okay to take back your fake breasts that you bought for your wife after she leaves you. Also, is it okay to get a kidney back after you have given to someone?/What ticked you off this? Jamie: Snow, both the weather and the rapper/Parker is ticked off at the plow snow and idiots that complain about the plow snow at the end of their driveway/Given a choice, would you rather be blind or deaf?/While Jamie tries to get over the fact that someone put bugs in his food, Parker is just terrified not seeing anything if he was blind/What good is a seeing eye dog anyway?

Song List:
Trust Company - Rock the Casbah
City and Color - Sleeping Sickness
Wintersleep - Orca, Tricky - #1 Da Woman
Timbaland and OneRepublic - Apologize
Paris Hilton - Screwed
Age of Daze - Afflicted
Papa Roach - Between Angels and Insects
Lost Prophets - Rooftops
Paramore - Misery Business
Kazzer - Pedal to the Medal
Snow - Everyone Wants To Be Like You
Vanilla Ice - Havin' a Roni
Rev Theory - Hell Yeah
State of Shock - Money Honey
Pilate - Barely Listening
Lacuna Coil - Swamped
Headstones - It's All Over