Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Episode 22 - Ringpiece

The Meepcast Episode 22


We talk about news that shouldn't even be news/ACDC Flu?/Is being stupid an excuse to get free concert tickets?/Jamie talks about another time he put his foot in his mouth in public/would you travel more if you could just fall asleep and just be at your destination/Jamie gives Parker an ad slogan trivia/Jamie talks about an alternate ending to the kirate kid that blow his mind/Do you get a power trip from poo?/We talk about efficient ways for acholoics to get drunk/Jamie talks about his trip to the middle of no where/We talk about the watchmen some more/Jamie goes on a rant about the special olypics, and how he cannot sign up for having a physical disability/Parker talks about his trip to doke town/Parker talks about his canone trip/We go through our listener communciations/Parker talks about how he is really itchy after his weekend... interesting/Jamie is mad about 3d, cause he cant see any of it properly, thanks lazy eye

Song List:

Trust Company – Rock the Casbah
AC-DC – Back in Black
Marianna’s Trench – All To Myself
18 Visions – Black and Bruised
Alexisonfire – Young Cardinals
Brad Paisley – Online
Counting Crows – Mr. Jones
Fun Loving Criminals – Scooby Snacks
Iggy Pop – The Passenger
Jackyl – The Lumberjack
Jyotei – Boss of the World
Kim Stockwood – Jerk
Len – Steal My Sunshine
N.E.R.D. – Lapdance
N.I.N. – Closer
Oasis – Fucking in the Bushes
Prozac – Sucks To Be You
Sepultera – Symptoms the Universe

Monday, August 10, 2009

Episode 21 - Self Sustained Pole Vaulting Machine

The Meepcast Episode 21

We do some music trivia and Jamie shows how much he doesn't know about classic rock/Then we talk about harvesting organs/can genetically enhanced people compete in the olympics?/
If you could eat a toonie and crap a loonie, would you, and how are the logistics on this?/what happens when your too poor to bury a body?/Parker talks about seeing Kiss in the rain/Parker talks about Alexander Keith's brewery tour/He went back in time on his vacation... No big deal/WTF the salmon museum?/Jamie breaks out a short bus story/We go through what we screwed up in the previous episodes/Hounddog writes in for listener communications/Are you okay with your wife doing internet pron/Hounddog is on the cover of a book/Parker is angry about the food vendors at the concert/Jamie rants about how he wants a zipper in the back of his pants so he doesn't have to take them off/

Song List:

TRUST Company – Rock the Casbah
Kiss – Rock and Roll All Night
Led Zeppelin – Kashmir
The Travelling Wilbury’s – Tweeter and the Monkey Man
Tom Petty – Yer So Bad
Van Halen – Runnin’ With the Devil
Kiss – Love Gun
Aerosmith – Love in an Elevator
The Rolling Stones – Satisfaction
AC-DC – You Shook me all night long (80’s Retro Remix)
CCR – Run Through the Jungle
Eagles – Take it Easy
The Doors – Break on Through
AC-DC – For Those About to Rock
The Who – Baba O’Riley
Guess Who – No Sugar
The Cult – Wild Hearted Son
U2 – With or Without You