Thursday, February 11, 2010

Episode 36 - Chocolate For The Ears

The Meepcast Episode 36


Parker tests Jamie's 80's catch phase knowledge/Parker than calls Fredy Mercury a liar/Jamie brings up some more porn knowledge and strange search terms/What if all the orn disappeared one day, what do you do!!!/Lay off the snowblower repair guy!/Jamie talks about some bad movies he saw/Impressed with Cloverfield/Jamie has too much sand? Sand castle anyone?/Randy's the monster workout, what a machine/We rip on some crappy workout dvd's/We went to see book of Eli, great movie/Parker talks about his love for the smoking aces movies/Another concert report/Hockey injury update! Ohhh my nuts/We review some more stuff we screwed up and listener communications/We get an email from the world of Scientology/Parker gets ticked off about pants in the ground/

Song List:

Trust Company - Rock the Casbah
Cavo - Champagne
The Dustin Bentall Outfit - Three Thousand Miles
Papa Roach - Forever
Skillet - Hero
Mudvayne - Under my Skin
Blue Rodeo - Hasn't Hit Me Yet
Doug and the Slugs - Making it Work
Velvet Chain - Strong
Santana - Smooth
Tragically Hip - The Darkest One
Switchfoot - Dare you to Move
Days of the New - Take Me Back Then
The Steve Miller Band - The Joker
Bif Naked - Spaceman
Foo Fighters - My Hero
Headstones - Three Angels