Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Episode 35 - Queer - O - Sexual

The Meepcast Episode 35


We bag on the ultimate warrior/suicide or lobadomy you tell me?/We revisit George Carlin's 7 words you cant say on tv... Kind of tame/We go over the darwin awards for 2009/Parker gives us an injury update with hockey, and his hatred for windows 7/Jamie brings out another Randy story/Jamie talks about starting p90x, ouch.../Jamie saw Paul Plakas!!! OMG!!!/Parker talks about listening to the playboy channel/we have more ass to mouth talk, how many clarifications of this do we need?/We talk about Avatar depression... huh/Lip crud ticked off Parker!

Song List:

Trust Company - Rock the Casbah
The Stranglers - Golden Brown
Goo Goo Dolls - Bullet Proof
Sister Hazel - Give In
Billy Joel - River of Dreams
Pat McGee Band - No Rain
Theory of a Deadman - What you Deserve
The Hippos - Always Something there to remind me
Everclear - Strawberry
Thousand Foot Krutch - Move
Phil Collins - Don't Lose my Number
Matthew Good Band - Giant
Tears for Fears - Shout
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
Alabama - Roll On

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Episode 34 - In All It's Hate Fuck Glory

The Meepcast Episode 34


What would you do if there was no toilet paper in the public stall?/Jamie shares his research on porn this week, Ass Smoothie?/Who is buying the most porn in the world?/Parker talks about his porn trading currency days/Parker talks about some more injurious hockey stories, ouch/Parker talks about his news years night, and the beer taste test/Jamie talks about Kijiji meat market experience/He then goes on about god goers coming to his door/Jamie talks about his crazy great aunt, and nurses hot boxing the step down unit... uh huh/We talk about what we fucked up, Jamie talks about what Bo really knows. We do listener communications, sudo writes in about the pile driver/Vegans have smelly shit, time to hug your ankles/We finish off by talking about more stall stories

Song List:

Trust Company - Rock the Casbah
Sunny Day Real Estate – 8
Swirl 360 – Hey Now Now
Hole – Jennifer’s Body
The Watchmen – Together
Aerosmith – Walk on Water
Natalie Imbruglia – Wishing I Was There
Tom Petty – Last Dance with Mary Jane
Neil Young – F*&#ing Up
Melissa Auf Der Maur – Beast
Nirvana – On a Plain
Limp Bizkit – Build a Bridge
Forty Foot Echo – Brand New Day
Tomi Swick – Wait Until Morning
Eagle Eye Cherry – Falling In Love
Pat McGee Band – Fine
Tripping Daisy – I Got A Girl
ACDC – High Voltage
The Headstones – F*&# You
The Killjoys – Soaked
NIN – Closer

Monday, January 4, 2010

Episode 33 - Ass To Mouth... A Form Of CPR?

The Meepcast Episode 33


Parker counts down the top 10 songs of itunes for the year and talks about the rock and roll hall of fame updates/Jamie brings up some interesting facts about Christmas/Jamie talks about the energy audit he got done, and the fool that admined it/He talks about the stoned Santa they brought his kid to/Would you fuck an colostomy tube? People really pay for it... Wow!/Jamie talks about being violently ill, needing to shit and puke, which one goes on the floor?/Parker talks about his experience with a fully breaded fish, head and all/He also talks about his new love for satellite radio/We then talk about our movie going adventures these last couple weeks, Ninja Assassins and Armoured/We go through another riveting addition of what we fucked up, the snuggy?,music levels/In Listener communications we talk about a turd cutter, we discuss the term cold lake hot, ficticous character love lives such as Bert and Ernie/We then talk about how a few folks dont know about ass to mouth, is that CPR? WTF?/What pissed us off this week? The editing nightmare for Parker, and Jamie complains about folks using facebook as a gaming platform.

Song List:

Trust Company - Rock the Casbah
Kings of Leon – Use Somebody
T.I. Feat Justin Timberlake – Dead and Gone
Miley Cyrus – The Climb
Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA
Lady GaGa – Just Dance
All American Rejects – Gives you Hell
Black Eyed Peas – I got a Feeling
Lady GaGa – Poker Face
Flo Rida – Right Round
Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
Abba – Take a Chance on Me
Jimmy Cliff – Many Rivers to Cross
The Stooges – Candy
Genesis – Jesus He Knows Me
The Hollies – Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress
Pandora’s Toybox – Misbegotten Candy
Owl City – Vanilla Twilight
After the Fall – Dark River